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    Clips shift position on timeline when using time stretch


      Premiere Elements 10, Win 7 x64,


      I put together a timeline that had four video tracks. When I added a fifth track I started having problems. Specifically, when I put a still image or video clip onto the fifth track and then used time stretch on that newly added clip, the existing clips on the third and fourth tracks shifted their position on the timeline in response to the time stretch applied to the clip on the track above. Why does this happen? I would expect the clips on the lower video tracks to NOT move position in response to a time stretch change to a clip on a track above. How I can I get them to stay put while manipulating the duration of clips on the tracks above them?


      Thank you for any insights.


      I have attached three images to make what I am experiencing more clear than perhaps my words describe above.


      (top) Image 001: timeline before any change

      (middle) Image 002: timeline after adding video track 5 and adding a still image to that track

      (bottom) Image 003: timeline after applying time stretch to the still image clip on track 5, showing shift of clips on tracks 3 & 4







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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          The other tracks are merely "rippling".


          To override rippling, hold down the Ctrl key (the Cmd key on a Mac) as you add, remove or edit clips on the timeline.

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            mark_al Level 1

            Thanks for the answer. Actually, trying to do timestretch that way (ctrl) for a very large amount of clips, which is what I am doing, is a real pain in the butt and remarkably inefficient so I will just do the adjustments to the right of the end point of the timeline and once I have them adjusted the way I want will drag them to the appropriate spot on the timeline. With all the superflous bells and whistles this program has it's hard to understand why they can't provide a simple way to override rippling (using Ctrl and fiddling with the timestretch tool is not a simple solution for several dozens of clips).

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              the_wine_snob Level 9

              When Adobe was designing the operations on the PrE Timeline, it was determined that the majority of users WOULD want the Ripple. That does seem to be the case. The addition of the Ctrl/Cmd modifier key accommodates those users, or those instances, where the Ripple is not desired.


              Interestingly, PrPro, PrE's "big-brother" does things in the opposite order. The user holds down the Ctrl/Cmd key to GET the Ripple. The designers figured that the users of PrPro would have different desires, than those of PrE. As I use both programs, I have to keep reminding myself which program I am using at that time - to get the Ctrl/Cmd modifier key working, as I wish, in each program - just the opposite of each other.


              Good luck,