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    Photoshop CS6 freezes when closing files


      Photoshop CS6 running on Windows XP SP3. It freezes for 3:51 minutes when we close an image that we have switched to grayscale.


      After some troubleshotting I discovered that the WebClient service would try to make an HTTP connection with our main file server. Becasue there is no web server running on the server, the client doesn't recieve any replies from it. The PC would make 11 attempts to make a connection each taking 21 seconds and durting this time Photoshop would be frozen. After the 11 attempts Photshop would unfreeze.


      The workaround is to set the WebClient service to manual. Does anyone know how to configure Photoshop so it doesn't try to make HTTP connetions to our fileserver?


      Thanks in Advance