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    Convert Single-line Text field to Multi-line?


      I created an employment application form for a client. During the testing phase, they did not realize that longer responses in text field fields would not show when the pdf form is printed. I used multiline fields for some responses that I knew were likely to be longer. I need to go back and convert some existing single line text fields to multiline ones but I am not seeing where I can do that. When I click options for a field, it only has one text option. I am concerned that I will lose existing responses if I have to delete the single line fields and replace them with multiline fields. Is it not possible just to change the type of text field? Any suggestions welcome if that's not possible.

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          You can do the following order to retain your data:

          1) Add the Multi-line text field

          2) Go to the Responses tab and copy the responses from the old, but still existing simple text field column

          3) Paste those responses into the corresponding new multi-line text fields column

          4) Once you have your data in your new field you can delete the old field