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    How can I adjust the clip speed in the editing window of Premiere Elements 11?

    Lutzzz Level 1

      In former versions of Premiere Elements I could change the function while pushing the corner of a clip in the editing window: it was not cutting only, but I could also use it to adjust the speed of a clip (clicked the clock icon, after that the speed of a clip was adjusted perfectly).


      But in Premiere Elements 11 this funktion seems to have gone: Now the timeline in the editing window seems to have the cutting function only!


      Yes, I still can use the function "prolong time" (or whatever it is called in English, I use the German version), but in this I just can guess what percentage would fit and it's a very hard "try & error" part to get it right. In the former version the speed was adjusted "automatically" to fit the duration the clip needs – that was way more comfortable.


      So, is this function really gone? I couldn't emagine why! Or how is this done now?

      Couldn't find any post or video, explaning how to do that now.

      No: The new "time zone" feature is not the same: it's not adjusting the needed speed rate automatically.

      And by the way: There is a bug in that fuction: When I once added a new time zone, I can't remove it – clicking "set back" (or reset) doesn't do anything, the time zone stays where it is and is not deleted at all! I'm using a Windows 7 Ultimate system (64 bit) ...


      I really would appreceate if someone could tell me how to adjust the clip speed perfectly to the needed duration of a clip!


      Thanks in advance!