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    Richtext multifield dialog issue

    mdp3 Level 1

      Hey y'all,


      I'm experiencing the following problem when working with a multifield richtext component. I can open the component's dialog fine and add and edit richtext fields. However, once I click ok and close this dialog for the first time, on any subsequent times that I try to open and add/remove richtext fields, the dialog will not close when I click on ok. I've googled around and also on the forums and it seems like this question has popped up a couple of times, but without an answer. Is this a known defect with CQ? I'm using 5.5 and have experienced this problem using IE, Firefox, and Chrome.


      Here are some posts that describe the same issue - though they are trying to use multifields of custom widgets and I'm just trying to use a multfield of a plain OOTB richtext.