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    Print error: Following functions are ON


      I have a user trying to print a PDF from Adobe Reader XI. She gets a pop up that says


      'Following functions are ON and cannot be used in the current

      environment or application.


      Remove White Background


      Are you sure you want to change the setting to "Off" and continue

      printing?" ( Yes or No option given)


      I've never seen this and I can't duplicate the error on the PDF (she emailed it to me).

      What causes this error?



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          Hi Dlb,


          I have the same problem this morning.

          For me the problem appeared since I installed the lastest drivers of a Konica Milnolta BizHub printer.


          - Remove White Background s a fiunctionnality that you can remove from the Printer Driver.


          Go to 'Printing Preferences / Printing Default'

          Go to the Tab 'Others'

          uncheck ... the option Remove White Backgroung

          in may case I also have 'Excel Job Control'


          Good Luck,