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    How do I rebuild a Flex 3.0/SDK 3.2 application in Flash Builder 4.7?


      I am trying to rebuild an old Adobe Flex/Air app.  The original developer is gone and we don't have the development environment he used available to us to do the rebuild.  As best I can see, this is an Adobe Flex SDK 3.2 application rebuilt in Flex Builder 3.0.   I've been able to get the project imported to Flash Builder 4.7 and set the SDK to use the 3.2 SDK and get a build, but all of my controls have the "Trial Version" water mark. 


      How can I get rid of this watermark?  Do I need a license for SDK 3.2 in addition to my Flash Builder 4.7 license?


      I've tried also to "upgrade" the proejct to 4.6 SDK in 3.0 Compatibility mode, but I am getting lots of errors at runtime for null object.


      I found this thread: http://forums.adobe.com/thread/441869


      But I don't know if that means I need to have an Adobe Flex 3.2 license key?  or will my new Flash Builder 4.7 key work?


      I'm new to Flex/Air and I'm just trying to get this old project rebuilt.  Any suggestions will be appreciated.