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    How do I transfer my RAW picutures?


      How do I transfer my RAW picutres?  CANNOT get them to transfer using the archives.  I feel abandoned by Adobe.  Should not change until new systeme supports all picutre formats.  Anyway, the change has been made and I need help to get my picutres tranfered.  (JPEG OK, but need help with RAW).

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          Pattie F Employee Moderator



          Are you trying to download your files from Photoshop.com to your computer, or to upload RAW photos to Revel?  The automigration will copy over your jpg files only. Other file types have been requested and are on the wish list, but not currently available. You can only upload jpg files at this time. The Media Downloader should archive all file types you had on Photoshop.com to your computer if you run it.  If you can please clarify, we can assist you further.


          The Revel team is working hard add new features to Revel while also maintaining the ability to sync your photos to all your devices - desktop as well as mobile (something Photoshop. doesn't do). We have plans for my upgrades to platforms, file types, and features moving forward.





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            Kayeor Level 1

            I am trying to download them to the computer since they will no longer be supported by Adobe.  The JPEG picutres download fine, but not the RAW ones.

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              Kayeor Level 1

              Hi Pattie,  I am trying to download/archive my RAW pictures since it my understanding that they will be gone in June!  I have all the JPEG formtl pictures in my hard drive, but CANNOT get the RAW format pictures archived using the Adobe tool provided.  By the way, I am amazed that Adobe would do this--Photoshop is not inexpensive and was marketed for serious picuture takers.  I don't even want to learn how to do this RAW archiving.  I thought I paid for support for all the picture formats.  Anyway, I do need help now.

              Found this in my spam folder.  Hope I can get answers through email and not on a forum (again, something I really don't want to waste time on).

              Kaye O'Riordan

              email:  bklor@yahoo.com

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                Pattie F Employee Moderator



                I am sorry you are having troubles. When you run the media downloader, does it say that it completes successfully, or does it seem to pause, freeze, or stop without completing?



                Regarding Revel -vs- Photoshop.com:


                We do not want you to feel abandoned. Many people do not realize that Revel is not meant to be a replacement for Photoshop.com, but rather was designed to address the changing needs introduced by the new multi-device world we now live in. Because of this shift in device technology, Adobe made the decision to focus more on archiving, organization, and sharing across devices. Since a business decision was made to discontinue Photoshop.com, we have offered to migrate jpg files to Revel automatically as a convenience to those who want to try Revel as a storage and sharing service and don't want to have to load all those files themselves.

                Revel is based on a modern technology platform and was designed from its inception to employ new technologies. Revel clients are currently available for iOS and Mac. We also have plans to release Revel for Windows and Android in the future. In the meantime, those users can access Revel via a web browser at adoberevel.com. We realize that Revel does not have some things that users are used to seeing on Photoshop.com, and we realize how frustrating that must be. Many of the requests we have seen will be implemented in Revel moving forward. We have had requests for additional file types, further interface with Elements, sorting other ways, etc. All of these are being evaluated by product management for the roadmap. We really appreciate your patience as we ramp up the product. We are listening and like to hear your ideas for future enhancements as well as what your workflows are.