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    New open-source build tool for CS Extensions

    brianreavis Level 1

      I just released a new open-source tool for creating, compiling, debugging, packaging, and deploying extensions:



      At a Glance:

      • All project settings live in a single JSON file (not multiple XML files).
      • Compiles CS5 & CS6 versions and packages them as a single ZXP. This is useful for supporting "DarkNormal" and "DarkHover" icons without ditching CS5 compatibility on your extension. It also supports other / more complicated configurations.
      • Created projects contain boilerplate for re-skinning on UI change along with fixes for platform bugs.
      • Generates aggregated changelogs.
      • Automated deploys to S3.
      • Automated git version tagging.
      • Conditional compilation variables (CONFIG::debug, CONFIG::release, CONFIG::version).



      csxs create
      csxs debug --cs-product=photoshop --cs-version=5.5
      csxs package
      csxs deploy


      I'd love feedback, suggestions, forks, bug reports, etc!


      p.s. I really hope this doesn't come across as spammy—I mean it with the best intentions. I think it could be useful for some out there. More tools for the CS ecosystem is a win for all.



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