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    Is anyone else having bug issues with InDesign?


      I'm trying to do homework with the version I purchased, and I keep running into bugs. Everything is extremely slow. When I scroll, zoom, and move an object, the program keeps skipping on me. When I place an image from Illustrator, there are other paths that show up that were not on the original image. And with those same images, the strokes and fills are all read as red slashes. They should be question marks since they are a combination of paths. And lastly, when I try to use the eye dropper to copy the color of a placed image, I get a popup saying, "Image is a vector graphic. Eyedropper values based on low resolution RGB proxy."


      I think there might be some bug in InDesign, and it's really hard for me to work. It can't be my computer. I have Illustrator as well, and that one works fine despite scrolling speed. So is anyone else having these problems, or might there be something wrong with my version?