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    Fingerprinting Using DayCQ


      I am wondering if we can add a finger print to a file stored in CRX and all files can reference it correctly and dynamically. Here is what I would like to do:


      1. After modifying a non HTML file, store it in CRX with md5sum fingerprint in the following format. md5sum fingerprint will be generated before storing and creating filename.

         <hashcode>_filename.<extension>; for example: 0d1597481a8b7f9a8222c4373fb41c86_main.js 

      1. After modifying the above file, md5sum will be changed and hence the file name prefix will also be changed.
      2. CQ must dynamically include these files in HTML files with correct filename URL.


      Can any of the above possible in CQ?


      I would appreciate if anyone can help me to answer this question..