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    Premiere Pro 6 crashing on export and render

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      I've been running Premiere Pro 6.0.3 on the latest Macbook Pro for about 6 months now and had no problems whatsoever, but in the last few weeks I'm finding that Premiere is crashing all the time, especially when I'm trying to export a Quicktime or when I render the timeline.

      When it crashes on export it always crashes in a different place so I'm thinking it's not a corrupt file.

      I try nesting everything but doesn't make any difference.

      My current project has lots of montage sections which is basically a still image on each video track (15 tracks) Surely this can't be the problem and it can handle that sort of thing?....I've also got a timeline full of different formats like MPEG4 MPEG1 and Quicktime etc, I'm also told this shouldn't be a problem, I've had similar projects before and had no problems whatsoever.

      I've tried everything like resetting Premiere prefs, repair disk permissions, Mac reset, copying a sequence to a new project etc etc.

      I loaded a previous project today which I know was seamless and it crashed when exporting an MPEG2..I must have exported an MPEG2 about 100 times from this project before with no problem. I've tried exporting to different formats and makes no difference.

      The only thing I have to ask is I updated my Macbook Pro to Mountain Lion about a month ago, everything seemed ok when I did but maybe that has something to do with it? I didn't re-install Premiere after the upgrade though and maybe I should ???

      I also tried the same projects on my iMac and everything seems fine on there.


      Any help or advise really appreciated


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          See my issues posted as DaveVTech "Crashing..." also sent you a private e-mail using Adobe mailbox.

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            paulrezult Level 1

            Hi David..I'm afraid I still didn't get your private e-mail, it was still an empty reply

            I'm starting to worry I've got no replies on this problem, might have to call Adobe instead.

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              DavidVTech Level 1

              Hi Paul,




              I checked my Adobe sent e-mail and the first e-mail I sent you was empty, ½ hr of typing down the drain.


              Adobe was in my system again today for the second time and could not resolve the CRASH, so they dumped my systems file and are trying to re-create on their systems.


              The first time they un-installed and reinstalled Premiere and still Crashed, changed privileges to folders, copied removed Render.dll files they worked for hours with no satisfaction.




              I wanted to let you know my problem seems to be similar crashing at render.


              I found that transitions are causing the crashing (after a week of experimenting) specifically the IRIS Folder Effects or any effect that contains a WIDTH BOARDER adjustment.


              0.0 default works, but if you adjust to a greater value the CRASH occurs. Even if it’s with .jpg images or video, in HD formats (1280x720).


              The problem does not seem to happen when in SD DVD Format 720x480.


              My Project has both Sequences HD and SD, I get more order for DVDs and that worked, then went to make the Blu-Rays and that’s when the fun began.


              Basically I copied the Timeline from SD to the new HD Sequence as I have for years, but in March with the latest update everything went bad.




              Now I don’t have a MAC, but we are running the same Update with the same issues. I hope this helped you out, let me know!


              I think I should get a free CS7 Version for my time lossed!