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    Gone, it's all GONE!


      It's all gone, where has it all gone, nothing, nada, zip is on the new site. It said that it had all been transferred but there just ain't nothing there so where did it go and how do you get it back? This sure ain't idiot proof is it?

      the Village Computer Idiot

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          Pattie F Employee Moderator

          First, are you logging in using the same email as you did on Photoshop.com?


          Did you receive a completion notice that all of your files migrated?


          Did you already have a Revel account when your files were migrated? If you did not, then the photos would move to 's library. If you already had an account with an existing library and photos, then migrated files would be moved to a library named "Photoshop.com library". To change libraries, use the menu on the upper left at adoberevel.com, or go into Settings, if on iOS or Mac.


          Assuming your migration is complete, you should be able to log in to Revel with the same adobe id (email) that you used on Photoshop.com and see if you see one of libraries mentioned above .Let us know if you still have issues.



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            Pattie F Employee Moderator

            Just so you know, the migration copies the JPG files to Revel, so all your files are still on Photoshop.com until the end of the migration period in June. We will look and see what we see in Photoshop.com and Revel and compare the numbers. Please let me know if you have multiple accounts or if your Revel account and Photoshop.com account do not use the same email.