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    h.264 - flash video inside InDesign


      hi there,

      I'm using AME to convert movies for use in InDesign to create folio's for Adobe Digital Publishing Suite.

      I've also poted this in the AME forum but don't know if this is an InDesign issue or it has something to do with AME.


      Inside AME6 I found a setting for iPad 1080p 25fr and one for iPad 720p 25fr.

      But after using these settings, when imported inside InDesign the infopanel shows it as Flash H264 video




      Now, talking to tech support about troubles with the Adobe DPS folio, the support guy told me this is an error with the video.

      He told me the format has to be H264 and not Flash H264. But all video I convert with AME and the iPad settings has that 'format' inside InDesign.


      Don't know where InDesign is looking for that 'format' but I really want to figure out why some video's function well while others, converted with the same AME6 and the same settings, won't.


      Hope someone can help with this,

      thanx in advance,