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    PSE 9 will not open!!


      I tried to open PSE 9 - I got the blue box "welcome to adobe... - I chose organize, got the message you have not backed up for a long time - I chose remind me next time - the whole program disappeared and it will not open.

      Now I still get the blue box, I hit organize and the whole program disappears.

      I tried to uninstall so I could re-install but I get the message "files in use" so I can't do that either. Totally frustrated!!

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          Barbara B. Level 7

          Don't use the unwelcome screen. Go into the program files/applications folder and find the actual .exe file/application file for the editor and/or organizer and make a shortcut/dock icon. From now on, launch PSE that way. The welcome screen is nothing but trouble.

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            Pen127 Level 1

            Thanks, I'll try it. I did manage to get it open last night but it pulled in every single file off my computer over 311,000 - OUCH!

            I thought I use to bring in only watched folders. I can't find my years of tagged photos ( the hard drive was replaced but the tech. assured me everything is on the new drive - somewhere)