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    Problems with FLVs and personal media player

      We've created our own media player that will handle FLVs, SWF and MP3 files. Its in the library as a linked item and we wrote a class to handle everything for it. First we started coding for the FLVs (not getting to the other 2 yet) and we're having problems with them. Sometimes the FLV won't load at all, sometimes it will stop about 2 to 3 seconds into the FLV and won't play anymore, and 100% of the time, if we go to a new frame (this is for CBT) and load another FLV it won't show up at all. While IN flash, it will load the first FLV, but when running it as a SWF or Published EXE, its "sketchy" about loading even the first FLV.

      the information is pulled from an XML file that has what file it is, the position on the screen, etc. The FLV lives in the same directory as the SWF file does as well.

      To load in the mediaPlayer and FLV file we use this:
      content_mc.addChild(new mediaPlayer(mediaFile, myType, mediaX, mediaY));

      the content_mc is an empty movie clip that just sits on the stage so we can go through and erase all the children for the next frame:
      var mcNumChildren:uint = content_mc.numChildren;
      for(var c:uint=0; c<mcNumChildren; c++) {

      I've attached the class for the mediaPlayer linked library item.

      does anyone know why this is giving me problems? we've had everyone here look at it, and we just can't figure it out!