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    Problem superimposing Magic Extractor image

    Mr Patient

      I used Magic Extractor to extract a person from a pic.  Then wanted to superimpose it on a landscale phot I had.  Trouble is the checkered part which should be transparent is solid white.  Tried saving as PNG, and PSD, didn't work.




      Please help if you can, I've scoured the web and am really lost

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          Jeff Arola Adobe Community Professional

          Saving as png or psd should work.


          Are there other layers or just the one with transparency?


          If you reopen the saved image in pse 6 does it not still have transparency intact or is it only when you open the file in another application/program that you lose the transparency?


          Can you post a screenshot showing the layers panel and the image in question?

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            Barbara B. Level 7

            Also, don't flatten the image. Flattening removes transparency. If you need to merge layers, use the layer merge command instead.

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              Mr Patient Level 1

              Thanks so much for helping.  I am afraid I can't screen shot I dleted it all.  I actually followed instructions from a video http://media.essential-photoshop-elements.com/MagicExtractor.mov


              I got an image of a bottle of whisky on a table in the garden.  In Organiser I clicked to do Full edit.  I then made a dupliacate

              Layer which is the one I worked on.  (Clicked the EYE symbol off on the original so the duplicate was the only one there. I opened Magic Extractor and did the red dot blue dot thing round the bottle.  Previewed then hit OK.   Back in Editor the duplicate layer was there, the bottle intact with checkered background all around it.  I went back to organizer and picked a picture I had of a Scottish mountain.  Clicked on that to go to full edit.  Now I have the edited bottle in the bottom pane (Bin) and to the right of it the image of the mountain.  Over to the right in the Layers panel I have the original bottle (called Background) and the edited with magic extractor bottle with checkered background above, called Background Copy 1.


              As in the instruction video I went to the palette bin, clicked on the mountain so it was the main picture above the palette bin, clicked on the bottle of whisky and dragged it up onto the mountain.  The transparent part (the checkered area around the whisky bottle) was not transparent, it was white, as though I’d overlaid a printed photo on top of the mountain pic.


              I did save the whisky bottle to desktop as a PNG.  However, the background was the blue of my desktop and when I imported it back into PSE it came with a blue background from the desktop, I’d lost the transparency. As it was now 2 am I gave up and went to bed.

              Sorry this is so long. In the video it works perfectly, when he drags the extracted image onto the other image the checkered part goes transparent ready to re size and move the extracted image about.


              Really appreciate your help. I’ve done things  like this before with lasso then inverting selection etc, but the Magic Extractor is so much easier to use I would like to master it. Thanks.

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                Barbara B. Level 7

                Try deleting the background layer after you've done the abstraction.


                For creating a PNG, try using Save for Web and choosing PNG-24.

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                  Mr Patient Level 1

                  Just tried something that worked.  I opened the edited whisky bottle in the big pane (edit) and dragged it DOWN onto the mountain.  Doing it that way round worked, the checkered were transparent.  How could I delete the background after doing the abstraction>  It is already checkered when the Magic Extractor box closes.