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    Parsley handling 2 service calls




      I am fairly new to Parsley.


      We have a Flex app which needs tons of data to display (gets many different resultsets of various kinds),

      so up until new were making 1 service call via REST-to-SOAP bridge,

      but it is often timeout (> 1 min),

      so we decided to split the call in 2 services (one is fairly light, and everybody needs that data,

      second is heavy and most users don't care about it).

      Results are displayed on the same tab.


      Can CallResponder process 2 service call results?


      Would it be done like that in Parsley:

      [CommandResult (type="resultset1"]

      protected handleResult1(obj1:Object) : void {,,,}




      [CommandResult (type="resultset2"]

      protected handleResult2(obj2:Object) : void {,,,}


      Can one Command handle 2 resultsets?


      Any suggestions?  Code samples?


      Please advise.

      There is nobody else around me who have done something similar.


      Using Flex 4.6 & Parsley 2.4



      Thank you in advance,