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    Having choppy 24p motion problems.

    Sproketzz Level 1

      Thanks for any info anyone might have on this.


      I have a show open motion graphic sequence for a long running video series that has previously been produced in standard def NTSC and is now going HD.

      It's a straight to Bluray/DVD instructional show.

      The show is being shot in 1080/24p and the authoring house is insisting we deliver the final show 1080/24p (23.976 of course).


      Unfortunately part of this open contains video clips floating right to left across the screen along with other graphic elements perfectly perpendicular to the screen and the motionit's is

      strobing like crazy in 24p. This is not some kind of field type artifact, but just the problem of horizontal motion in 24p.

      I have tried turning on motion blur and that helps some but due to the speed of the movement the video clips and graphic elements become very

      blurry. I have tried adjusting the 3D camera shutter angle and of course can reduce the blur but that then increases the choppy motion problems.


      I have told the producer I would be happy to make them a new open that avoided this problem but they are insistent they want to keep this one.


      Does anyone have any workarounds on this?

      How would this be done for graphics used in a feature film that would need to be 24p?


      Note: I am rendering this out for use in Avid Media Composer 6.



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          Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          If your motion is at or near a critical speed then you have only one choice, change the speed. Take a look at this article. You may get some ideas. In my cinematographers handbook there's a chart of must avoid panning speeds. That's what you are getting with your horizontal movement. Unfortunately the only remedy is to change the speed of the move. You have to get it as close as you can to match the rest of the piece (audio, other elements) and then hide the rest with motion blur. Unfortunately, if you are right  on a critical speed motion blur won't stop the strobing but it will make it less difficult to look at.


          And to answer your question about doing this for a feature film at 24fps... you just have to follow the rules. In the same way a cinematographer must adjust his panning speed you have to adjust your design to the limitations imposed by the frame rate.

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            Sproketzz Level 1

            Thanks Rick! I had pretty much figured that was the case. I just have to try different speeds and see if I can come up with something that is less of a problem.

            I have showed the client my copy of the ASC Manual which has lists of what pan speeds work best with which focal length lens. That was just to let the client know that

            panning motion in 24p is a problem throughout the production chain.


            My big complaint with the client is how they allowed themselves to be forced into a 24p deliverable when they could have done a 29.97p master or even 1080i with

            pulldown on the 24p footage. We do those all the time and it helps with the graphics.