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    Change default save option


      I need to open a PDF file that has multiple pages. On "File\Open" it comes up with Import PDF. There are 21 pages. I know how to highlight all the pages so they all load at once. Do to the volume of work this is impractical. Control+A will not work for this.


      1. 1. Is there a way to have "Open" select all, no matter on the number, pages into Photoshop 13.12
      2. 2. On "Save As" it defaults to ".psd". I want it to default to ".jpg". I'm doing several hundred plus.
      3. 3. Also do not want it to ask me if “OK”, just do the save.


      All I want to do is bring in the "PDF's" and brake the multiple files to a singe page ".jpg" or "PNG" file and rename the file just before the save.



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          c.pfaffenbichler Level 9

          Are you familiar with Actions?


          Also you may want to check out one of Paul’s Scripts:


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            Bob-Snow Level 1

            Thank you. No one ever heard of actions. It's been many years since I have touched Photoshop. Your reason is because of their new pricing policy on the Internet. But all in trying to do is pull pages out of a PDF and rename each one with the least aggravation. I was hoping I would not have to learn how to use Photoshop to accomplish this.


            But even so I failed to see how a macro would be able to pull those 21 pages either of the PDF.


            I do hope that the DWL might work for me. Ill give it a go.


            Thanks again



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              c.pfaffenbichler Level 9

              While Actions can’t as far as I know open all pages of a multi-page pdf they should be able to (with File > Automate > Batch) be used to save the open files.

              Have you checked out PDF Processor yet?


              »No one ever heard of actions.«

              Is this a typo?


              »I was hoping I would not have to learn how to use Photoshop to accomplish this.«

              Why a Photoshop Forum then?


              If you have Adobe Acrobat you might be able to simply export the pages from there in a variety of file formats.

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                Bob-Snow Level 1

                Yep. A typo. Kind of bad. But photoshop forum was , will it's been a long time. I did look at Acrobat. It wanted to change the image file to text. Which I have neither the time nor the desire. I have thousands of permits the process. My problem is somebody that can have it all together, probably me, created these PDFs that have like 20 some files and. I get a break them apart and give each page a serial number that exists on the actual page.


                I am doing a bit of a struggle with the suggested download. My aggravation would be close to Don if I can just bring all those files out of the PDF, letting PDF give it some kind of an name anything. At that point all I have to do is look at image type in a file.


                I am going to try and get more involved with Photoshop this time around. But right now I have to concentrate on a whole lot of documents.


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                  JJMack Most Valuable Participant

                  Bob  Photoshop Script are like actions that can use logic.  Because the can use logic they are programs and need to be written in a programming language, Photoshop is program it needed to be programmed you don't need to code it it was was available by others. The same can be true with Actions and scripts. Some come bundled with Photoshop and others can be downloaded from the web.  Photoshop Script are installed into Photoshop and can be executed from any folder by using Photoshop Scripts menu item Browse.  Paul's script may be all you need I don't know for I do not process PDF files. Copy the script to Photoshop Presets/scripts folder then start Photoshop look for it in menu File>Scripts>name fill in the dialog.