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    Photoshop painfully slow with lots of layers.

    ladri-bici Level 1

      I've seen this before with Photoshop. I have a pretty tame PSD file, 35mb. Web design file with lots of small layers. Photoshop will go from 20% to 105% in Apple's Activity Monitor—and I'm not doing anything in Photoshop. If I try to move a single type layer with the cursor keys, for example, I get the move dialog with a progress bar. Very unresponsive overall.


      I'm about to make smart objects of all my layer grous, and see if this helps, but this is a file I've worked on in the past, and photoshop was very responsive.


      Larger MB files with big images seem fine.



      Photoshop 13.0.4

      OS X 10.8.3

      Freshly wiped drive with new install of OS X and CS6.

      Macbook Pro 2010, 8gb ram, 500gb, 7200 drive.


      Recently just reset PRAM, Booted in SAFE mode, reset the Macs SMC.