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    Print Booklet feature is creating a strange PDF


      Hello, I'm having a problem where I'm trying to create a PDF of a booklet to send to a printer and I'm using the print booklet feature. When I do this I have to go into the printer settings and change the printer to PostScript File, then open the postscript file in Acrobat or Preview so it gets converted to a PDF.


      The problem I'm having is that the PDF that comes out is formatted really strangely where the spread is sitting at the bottom of a white page and is getting cut off on the right (see picture). It almost looks like it's trying to fit it into an 8.5x11 in portrait mode or something. Is there a setting somewhere that I've missed that would fix this? Let me know (also I'm running InDesign CS5 on a mac).

      Screen Shot 2013-04-23 at 11.14.58 PM.png

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          Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

          There's clearly something wrong in the print setup for the postscript file (are you using the ADPDF9.PPD file), but the larger question is why are you sending imposed spreads to a printer? Did he ask you to do that? Imposing is normally the printer's responsibility.

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            Eugene Tyson Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            You've got so many things incorrect here - you have colour bars encroaching the artwork, you have crop marks and bleed marks, you've got page information sitting on the artwork in the bleed area.


            Bleed area is simply for artwork that extends to the edge of the page. You need to only have artwork in the bleed area, not crop marks, not bleed marks, not colour bars - in doing so you risk a high chance of those elements being shown on the final trimmed piece.


            In all accounts you should really have just Crop Marks and Page Information - and in the Marks and Bleeds area you should offset the Crop marks and Page information to a larger value than the bleeds, i.e., if you have 5 mm bleed then use 6 mm bleed offset for crop marks and page information, colour bars etc.




            For printing it to postscript try changing the orientation from potrait to landscape (or vice versa).




            And I agree with Peter - creating an imposed version is the printers repsonibility not yours.