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    How to build first computer to create the best editing experience?


      I'm looking into building this computer, as is outlined below, for work - video editing, motion graphics (both Premiere and After Effects). I want something that will last me a good while (few years) in terms of its performance alongside future software upgrade and processing power demands, with possible, but minimal part upgrade

      It's my first ever build, so I've looked at a few other  posts here on related subjects, and did a significant amount of research all over to support my choices.. But I just wanted to check if anyone has any input on whether my reasoning for these choices makes sense, whether you agree or disagree with anything, and of course if I missed something somewhere like one of the the parts i chose is incompatible, whatever :)..... any input is welcome!


      MBUP5 TH- I chose this over ASUS x79 since socket 1155 doesn't work with 3770k - argument for t
      CPUi7-3770k- k for possible future overclocking - and ivy bridge (slightly) outperforms 3820 sandy bridge...
      GPUPalit gtx 570 1.3gb- I chose the 5series since many reviews and benchmarks show that it performs better though it has less CUDA cores since it has a significantly wider memory interface (cheaper and better – no brainer!)
      - I chose PALIT over GAINWARD and other manufacturers, only because it is cheaper even though I read some reviews that say PALIT fans are less quiet  (I imagine it is not THAT big of a difference)
      RAMcorsair vengeance 4x 8gb (1600Mhz)
      SSDkingston 120- Drive for OS, applications and cache
      HDwd caviar blk 1tb x2- One for working projects, one for exports    -    or both RAID 0
      CASEFractal Design DEFINE R4- case comes with two fans included – customizable… I assume I don’t need more fans yah?
      PSUXFX ProSeries 650W 80 PLUS Bronze- this seems sufficient to me…. Maybe I will overclock one day, but it still seems like its enough even so