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    Error during export iOS application


      Hi everyone,
      I'm currently working on an iOS application using FlashBuilder and AIR.

      I can run or debug it, it works fine.
      But when I try to package it, I've always the same error message :

      no such file /Users/yannraude/Documents/Adobe Flash Builder 4.7/myproject/bin-release-temp/AOT/icons

      Don't know if there's a problem with my icon, but the fact is, I've got the right icon when I debug the application on my iPad. I have this error only when I try to export my application (for now it's a AdHoc version) ; works on the french Flash Builder, it's called Projet > exporter une version validée
      I've try it with both dev and distrib apple certificate, and with the right mobilprovision file for adhoc application.


      Any ideas ?


      Thanks a lot.