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    Flash Player Update Fails Windows 7 64 bit??


      This problem has been the case on many applications & websites over the past 8 months, which renders much of the web and some of my software, useless.



      I have followed all recommendations, from MS, Adobe and from suggestions on many, many forums, yet still the problem of installing the FlashPlayer update continues to hamper my Windows experience.  I have been FORCED to use Chrome as my browser instead of Internet Explorer and now my printing software from HP no longer works.

      The ActiveX control/Update from Adobe will NOT under any cenario, complete installation and continues to fail when registering.  I am using admin rights and I am very competant with the use of computers and software.  The only thing I am reluctant to do, is to manually edit the registry.


      Searching the net, I find this is a very common issue which is yet to be resolved. Why is this?  The installation of any software in this day & age, should be straight forward and simple.  This issue has been a problem for thousands of people for quite some time and I am dismayed that it has continued!! Why have Microsoft & Adobe failed the end user in respect of this?


      I have tried all previously suggested options and procedures set out here, on the Adobe website and those recommended in forums.  I have also tried the option to un-install Flash Player (with Adobe Flash Un-installer), and re-install from scratch.  I do have full admin rights on this PC and have run the update as Administrator.  I have - before someone should ask - followed the install procedure with all security software disabled.


      So sensible people, with sensible answers, how did you fix this issue on your machine?


      Thank you!


      (OS: Windows 7 64bit, IE 10 - Latest - also now have to use Chrome to view online video content).