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    Animate in 3D Space


      Okay, so I created a butterfly in Illustrator and then animated the wings in After Effects.


      Now I want to animate the animated butterfly in 3D space. I want the butterfly starting in the distance and flying closer to screen. I have watched several tutorials on the web but just can't quite see where I'm going wrong.


      This is what I've tried:


      I've created a new comp and added the 3D Butterfly composition to the timeline, changed to 2 view and viewing from the right then make it a 3D layer and instantly the image dissapears and all I can see is the Z, Y, X axis. I try moving the x, y, z axis to push it back away from the camera but in the front view it simply pushes it completely off screen.


      I am hoping there is a step I am missing but have now spend hours trying to work it out.


      Please help.