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    The best practice of using CQ.Ext.slider.Tip


      Hi everyone,

      Could anyone suggest how to use CQ.Ext.slider.Tip ?

      I've tried the next one.

      I've written js file with the code: CQ.Ext.reg('slidertip', CQ.Ext.slider.Tip);

      I've included this file.

      Then I have the next structure:






                          P:xtype: slidertip


      And it does not work. When I remove "plugins" node the slider works fine. But with plugins node it does not work at all

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          alekseyyp Level 1

          I've found a way how to do it.

          I've defined my own component, e.g.

          CQ.Ext.slider.ColumnsSlider = CQ.Ext.extend(CQ.Ext.slider.MultiSlider, {

                    plugins: new CQ.Ext.slider.Tip()


          CQ.Ext.reg('columnsslider', CQ.Ext.slider.ColumnsSlider);


          So now CQ.Ext.slider.Tip works fine.

          But I am not sure, that it is the best practice.

          That would be very pleasant to hear opinions of CQ gurus.

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