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    server error activation ("E_AUTH_NOT_READY")




      First of all, I'm from Brazil. Keep that in mind when answering my question.


      My ADE was working perfectly. But for some reason, out of nowhere, my ID logged out and now gives "error on the activation server" ("E_AUTH_NOT_READY").


      I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling the program. For those who always suggest it, I have also checked the date and time of my computer.


      I do not know what else to do. I need myADE  running to open ebooks with DRM that I buy.



      This is not the first time that this error happens to me. It happened on my work computer and at the time, I thought I could have only one licensed computer (my home. Later I found that are up to 6 devices).



      But now, even the ONLY licensed computer I want (my home) is giving this problem ...


      The strange thing is that it does not seem that the program is trying to activate my ID. I click on the button "authorize" and the window instantly switches to notice this error.


      Ah, my windows 7 is the starter.