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    Leaking memory in AIR/HTML

    Timur Valishev

      Dear Adobe,


      we need a little help fighting memory leaks in AIR 3/HTML application. Are there any tools or techniques you can recommend for this?


      We have AIR app developed in HTML+JS, and the amount of memory consumed grows from 30Mb on startup to 90Mb in 4 hours to 190Mb in 8 hours on Windows 7. The app heavily utilizes XMLHttpRequest in long polling mode for communication. We are aware of the potential issue with keeping references to unnecessary objects and circular references and inspected our code for this, but did not find anything suspicious.


      Would you please advise us on strategy - how to find and avoid memory leaks in AIR 3 with HTML? There was an Aptana plugin for AIR debugging, but it's only for AIR 2 and no longer useful.