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    Extract or print to .pdf (multiple page ranges)



      I'm trying to find a way to extract or print specific pages (multiple page ranges) e.g.: 1-2,7,9,15-16 to .pdf file using javascript.


      My end-users are obviously Adobe Reader users (I think that this might be the biggest challenge).

      I managed to print multiple page ranges to .pdf using the Reader print dialog box (simply by entering 1-2,7,9,15-16).
      However I would like to assign this task to button which will collect ranges based on selected checkboxes.
      There is a sample script on Planet PDF website and it seems to work but it generates multiple print jobs which in fact creates multiple .pdf files .


      Can someone point me into right direction/method to use?

      Is there a way to specify few ranges using nStart/nEnd in this.Print();?

      Can I specify printer name with this.Print();?

      - for example "Adobe PDF"?


      Any alternative solution would be appreciated.


      End users reader version: 10.1.4

      Does anyone could tell if this is possible?


      Many thanks,