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    Flash <> PHP <> Mysql : FLVplayer (Using NON"&" method)


      I have a CMS system im developing and I have it everything based on teh index.php page using a index.php?pa=viewer.php as a template for the php doc....

      Now anyway, I have it set up like this:

      id being the id on the database,

      on that play page i have a script that gets the FILEname "$thefilename" of that id and puts it in a variable, after this code I have a flash with a FLVplayer compononent.

      loadVariables("index.php?pa=videoviewer.php&view=" + id ,_root.test);
      var xx = trace(_root.test.thefilename);

      var xoo = 'contentsss/' + xx;


      and ofcourse, its not working... I dont want to use the method of echoing => echo "&thefilename=" . $thefilename; because i dont the file name to be shared...

      Any ideas?