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    LR4.4 Backup

    10DNB Level 1

      On installing LR4.4 on my Win7 PC, backing up of my 1.3GB catalog has been unreliable sometimes hanging and needing restarting and always taking hours. Can anybody help?

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          web-weaver Level 5

          It might have something to do with the previews folder (previews cache). In Lr 4.4 optimizing the previews is part of the backup (as is optimizing the catalog). If the previews folder is very large or if Lr encounters problems there, it might take a long time.
          Try this: Move the previews folder to another folder - temporarily. The previews folder - a folder with the extension <  .lrdata>-  is located right next to the catalog (the file with the extension <  .lrcat>. You find the location of the catalog file in >edit >Catalog Settings / general tab.
          While Lr is closed move the lrdata-folder to another folder (via Mac Finder / Win Explorer>. When Lr doesn't find previews it creates a new previews folder and builds new previews. So moving the previews folder out of the way doesn't create problems with Lr.
          Then open Lr. Don't do any work in Lr but close and backup the catalog.


          If the backup is faster now, then you know that the problem is in the previews folder. I would suggest that you discard the old previews folder.
          But if the backup does not go faster, you can replace the newly created previews folder with the old one.


          I also would suggest: If you have Lr set to create 1:1 previews, select to discard these previews after a time (in Catalog Settings / File Handling tab). If 1:1 previews are never discarded the previews folder will grow very large, and this may be the cause of the slow backup because Lr has to optimize a huge amount of 1:1 previews.bout the sam


          PS: My catalog is about the same size as yours (1.12 GB) but my backup goes relatively fast - about 4 min.


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            10DNB Level 1

            Thank you very much web-weaver. I had not realized the extra actions of backup in LR4.4. I have made timings of the the 3 phases: integrity check - 2mins, backup Catalog - 6min, Catalog optimizing -17min. In future I propose to normally miss out the optimizing phase, only doing that occasionally. - Best regards David

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              I would not recommend skipping the optimization phase. Optimization is a means to prevent corrupted catalogs and previews. Doing it only occasionally - and you know what that could mean when we are pressed for time - is IMHO a recipe for problems.
              I close Lr at the end of my day and let it do its backup. If it takes too long, I do some stretching exercises - I need them anyway after sitting in front of the computer for hours.

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                I thought that the integrity check would identify corruption of the catalog and previews. But why does LR4.4 take so much longer than previous releases which presumably did the necessary optimisation checks?

                Again, nany thanks for your help.David

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                  web-weaver Level 5

                  Optimization of the previews is new in Lr 4.4. At least I've never noticed it before.