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    Encore CS6 isn't transcoding finished videos

    Rhycar Level 1

      Adobe Encore CS6, Intel Xeon CPU Dual Core @ 2.66 GHz, 12 GB RAM, Windows 7


      I've encountered a strange problem this week. If I try to create a DVD folder using a .WMV file, I get an error saying "error setting up transcoder." This error repeated itself even when I changed my DVD transcode settings. These are videos I created using Premiere Pro CS6 on this same computer. However, if I use Dynamic Link to send the project directly from Premiere Pro to Encore, I have no problems. Fortunately, to this point I have only had to create DVDs of video projects I've edited on my computer, but in the future I will have to create DVDs from .WMV files that I haven't produced. This is a new issue that I've only encountered this week; for the past few months I haven't had an issue creating DVD folders with .WMV video files. Any thoughts on how to troubleshoot this?