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    Making one image come out of another.


      I have two images. I want to make one image look as though it is coming out of the other. In the middle of the image.

      I have an image of a forge. and the other is a saxophone. I want to combine the two so that it looks like the sax is be made from the fire in the forge. I just want the bottom of the sax not be shown.

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          the_wine_snob Level 9

          Each of your Images is a Layer.


          Drag the Layer, in the sax Image to the forge Image.


          Use Ctrl+T (Free Transform) to Scale it, Position it, and perhaps Rotate it, as needed.


          If the sax Image has a Transparent Background, then Load Selection (that Transparency), and Save Selection as a Layer Mask for the sax Layer. If it does not have Transparency, use one, or more, of the Selection Tools, to Select just the sax. Save that Selection as a Layer Mask.


          Once you have that Layer Mask, holding back any background around the sax, you can adjust that, to say blend the sax with the fire from your forge Image's Background.


          Good luck,




          PS - if you attach the two Images (the little "camera" icon), then we can see exactly what you have, and others can offer suggestions for compositing the two Images into one.