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    "After Effects Error 44 : 3 Missing Data In File"

    Leupsi Level 1

      Hey guys,

      i know there are already some threads about this problem.

      Yesterday AE CS4 crashed and told me to save the project. Unfortunately i overwrote my only existing file.

      Now i can't open it any more, i always get the error message displayed above.

      Anyway, im surprised by the fact that the file still has the same size as before, so there has to be the same data in the file, hasn't it?


      I also tried the capslock method and the importing method, non of them worked.

      At the capslock method AE only imported one audio file, but not a single composition.


      My question now: Is there anybody out there who can repair this file, or tell me how to restore it?


      It would be awesome to get some fresh ideas from you guys!


      Thank's in advance, Julian!