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    Elements 11 organizer stops working

    Krazy Kym

      My elements 11 organizer stops working (not responding message)  or is very slow that is when it does'nt blue screen my PC. If I am doing anything else my PC runs fine but as soon as I try to open elements it crashes. I have tried running elements with XP which makes it worse but even with windows 7 which it used to run ok with is having these problem.  I have run virus scans,updates and anything else I can do to try and help element run properly. Please can anyone help as this is getting very frustrating.

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          Brett N Adobe Employee

          First, create a new catalog by holding down the Shift key while launching the Organizer. If you get the timing right, you will be given the Catalog Manager.


          After creating a new catalog, the Organizer will likely launch and run just fine.


          Now, disable the auto analysis options (found in Edit > Preferences > Media Analysis). Just uncheck all options.


          Then, go back to your normal catalog (File > Manage Catalogs).

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            I'm facing the same problem with Elements 11 like Krazy Kym, the procedure recommended by Brett N. did not help at all.

            Why should a pice of paid consumer software require creating a new catalog and disable features to work corretly?

            I'm close to call Elements 11 a useless, lousy tested and thus frustrating pice of  software

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              I AM HAVING THE SAME PROBLEM TOO! This is aggravating and ridiculous--I have tried this suggestion above...this too FREEZES the organizer and it "stops responding..."

              I had no trouble with Elements 8.....this is just since converting to 11.  HELP!!!!

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                Brett N Adobe Employee

                Ernie, it shouldn't be required. This is a scientific process, a test to find the origin of the issue. If there is something wrong with the catalog, we can try to repair it, but the fact is there are many possible causes to such behavior and we have to start somewhere. Here is a more complete list of the steps you can take to counter this kind of issue: http://helpx.adobe.com/photoshop-elements/kb/troubleshoot-system-errors-freezes-photoshop. html


                Is everyone here getting a blue screen from the OS? If so, there are much greater problems at hand than it is possible for an application on your computer to cause. Blue Screen errors are caused by hardware issues. Sometimes it is physically faulty parts, but most of the time it is some sort of driver conflict (generally just an old version that needs to be updated). Make sure you have the latest drivers installed for major hardware components, such as your video card. DO NOT rely on your OS to get the current versions of the drivers. Go to the manufacturer's website and download them directly.