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    Title not extending to edge of frame when I export


      I can't figure out how to fix this issue where my title isn't extending to the edge of the frame. In premiere elements 11 it doesn't appear this way but when I export to YouTube the title is cut short. There are also some lovely black bars I'd also like to get rid, and I suspect that is a related issue, but my main concern is making the title not look so silly being cut off short.


      youtube issue.jpg

      How title appears when uploaded to YouTube


      How title appears in Premiere, extending beyond the edge of the frame.

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          the_wine_snob Level 9

          The black bars indicate a mis-match between your Source Footage and your Project's Settings, or an Export/Share setting, that is very off.


          Can you tell us:


          1. The version of PrE, that you are using?
          2. The full specs. of your Source Footage?
          3. The full details of your PrE Project's Settings?
          4. The full specs. of your Export/Share Settings?


          Good luck, and please let us know a bit more.



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            HolbrookTravel Level 1

            I am using Premiere Elements 11


            The source footage has the following properties:


            Type: MPEG Movie

            Image size: 720 x 480

            Frame rate: 29.97

            Pixel Aspect Ratio: 0.9091


            My project settings:


            Editing mode: DV NTSC

            Timebase: 29.97

            Frame size: 720 x 480

            Pixel Aspect Ratio: D1/DV NTSC (0.9091)

            Fields: Lower Field First

            Display Format: 30fps Drop-Frame Timecode

            Title Safe Area: 20% H / 20% V

            Action Safe Area: 10% H / 10% V


            For the export settings (I think this is the one I used):

            F4V - HD 720p (Flash 9 and Higher)

            File Type: F4V

            Frame Size: 1280 x 720

            Frame Rate (fps) : Same as source


            So I see that the frame size is different, but how do I fix that?

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              HolbrookTravel Level 1

              I saw under the advanced settings for the F4V video that you're able to change the width and height of the video, so I changed it to 720x480 but the video has the same problem with the title bar

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                A.T. Romano Level 7



                When you open your new project for this work, are you using the Default project preset (1080i) or setting what would be appropriate for your source media.


                One of the major promotional features for Premiere Elements 11 is that the program will automatically select the correct project preset for you dependant on the properties of your source media. It seems to be doing a good job doing this for HD source media, but NOT for SD standard or widescreen. From the looks of your screenshots and video properties information, the suggestion is that you are using the default 1080i30 project preset instead of setting your own for


                NTSC DV Standard 4:3


                To do that, when you open Premiere Elements 11, you go to File Menu/New/Project and in the New Project Dialog you set the project preset for NTSC DV Standard. Be sure to put a check mark next to "Force selected Project Setting on this project."


                A YouTube preset for this upload to YouTube consistent with your Timeline/project settings would seem to be "Flash Video for YouTube". We could also talk about exporting your Timeline to an appropriate .mp4 file and then uploading that at the YouTube web site instead of Premiere Elements 11 Publish&Share/Online/YouTube.


                You appear to be forcing a 4:3 video into a 16:9 project with resulting black borders et al.


                If you need clarification on anything that I have written, please do not hesitate to ask.


                If you want to make a 16:9 project from a 4:3 source, we could talk about possibilities BEFORE export.



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                  the_wine_snob Level 9

                  Thank you for that information.


                  The Source Footage, 720 x 480 Standard 4:3, PAR=0.9091 matches that Project Setting.


                  The Export/Share Setting, however, is for HD 720p, which is not what you have. That is why there are black bars on your output file. With that Footage and Project, you will want to Export/Share to a 720 x 480 Standard 4:3, PAR=0.9091 Setting, to avoid black bars in the output file.


                  Now, for the Title, I would use an Export/Share Setting, that matches, to see if that remains as it shows in the PrE Program Monitor. The Titles are created as XML code in the PREL (Project) file, and are matched to the Project's Settings. Was this Title created in PrE's Titler, or was it created, in say Photoshop, and then Imported into PrE?


                  Good luck, and thanks for the info.




                  PS - there have been some issues with MPEG Source Footage, and things not aligning, as they should, upon Export/Share, but that might not be an issue with your Project. In a worst case, I would be happy to set up a test Project, then use a small section of your MPEG file, and your Title, if created outside of PrE. If it was created with Titler, then I can try to duplicate that. Just let me know, and we can arrange for that test.

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                    A.T. Romano Level 7

                    Holbrook Travel


                    I tried to focus on what you were doing, not necessarily the way that I might have proceeded, but nonetheless got good results, that is, good .F4V as well as .mp4 uploads to YouTube at the YouTube web site, maintaining the position of the title in the frame in the upload to and display at YouTube (no title bar problem).


                    I just did two mini test runs


                    From a video file with properties the same as the source that you described

                    to Publish+Share/Computer/Adobe Flash Video/F4V HD 720p (Flash 9 or higher) and settings changed under the Advanced Button/Video Tab. You said that did not work for you. What specific settings did you use other than the 720 x 480 pixels?

                    Video Tab

                    Frame Width: 720 pixels

                    Frame Height: 480 pixels

                    Frame Rate: 29.97 frames per second

                    Field Order: Lower

                    Profile: High

                    Level: 3.0

                    Bitrate Encoding: VBR, 2 Pass

                    Target & Maximum Bitrate: around 5 Mbps (megabits per second)

                    Everything else I left as is.


                    Also, create a H.264.mp4 version via Mobile Phones & Players/Apple iPod, iPad, and iPhone/Apple iPhone, Apple iPad Standard High Quality.

                    Title position was maintained from Premiere Elements Timeline to YouTube display after upload there.