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    CS6 Premiere and Encore Dynamic Link very slow rendering


      Hello everybody,


      I am from germany and I am very very frustrating because of the render times.


      I have a good PC, some specifications: win7 professional 64bit, i7 3930 4,1 GHz, 16 GB RAM, SSD Systemdrive, Radeon 6800 HD


      Everything was fine until I was forced to reinstall my operating system. Everything setting is the same like before system-refresh, I also updated all Adobe products.


      I have HDV .mpg material.


      Before the CPU useage was like 95% to 99% and now round 9% to 30%


      See this screenshot from my task manager:



      I dont want to buy a very expensive Nvidea just for using CUDA, which is not supported by Encore.


      Why want Adobe transfer all the coding to the Graphic card? Nobody wants to do anything else we the system is rendering!!!


      Please help me if someone have any idea how I can get my PC to render faster.