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    Crash on Overwrite/Insert from Keyboard Shortcut (LinkContainer.cpp)



      Editing a project I've had for a while when I started getting this error (LinkContainer.cpp). It happened when I would hit overwrite or insert from the keyboard only. My keyboard is customized, with overwrite and insert on V and B.


      I resolved the issue by resetting the keyboard shortcuts to their default settings.


      Things I did that didn't work:

      Trash prefs

      Clear media cache

      Import project into new project


      Things I did that worked but are blah:

      Import sequence into new project

      It would also function as expected for a few edits after a full system restart, then the error would persist.

      Brand new project and importing media and starting over also appeared to work, but who wants to do that?


      The crash wasn't like a complete and sudden shut down. This error would pop up, and Premiere would tell me it'd attempt to save my work. And it did always save my project with the most recent changes as a copy, then reopen that copy right where it left off.


      I'm in Premiere 6.0.2 on a MacBook Pro running 10.7.5, 8GB of RAM if it matters.


      So the current project works if I keep the default shortcut to finish it, and new projects seem to work but I haven't done extensive editing in them. It sucks to get stuck on default shortcuts suddenly in a pinch, so I'm wondering what's going on so I can fix or avoid it in the future.