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    How Do I Mass Search and Replace Swatch Colors In Entire Indesign CS6 Document?

    FLASHGordon99 Level 1

      I've jumped from CS4 to CS6 and its been a little while since, but just trying to refamiliarize myself with the many Features of Indesign CS6.
      Here's my issue: I have a really old CS4 document I've opened up and saved in CS6. I have to change all swatch colors throughout the document from pantone swatch 295 C to updated pantone swatch 293 C.


      Question, without my having to go through the entire document one object at a time looking for each object, HOW do i perform a Mass search and replace of Color swatch references from 295 C to 293C.


      I thought i could just click swatch properties and update the color... but No... that doesnt work as swatch properties is just grayed out

      I'm sure i've overlooked something but a refresher on how to mass find and replace color in a document would be great.


      Thanks and looking forward to hearing from someone.