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    getsymbols incrementally?




      So.. I've been trying to have objects/symbols appear in relation to a button.


      I guess the easiest way to explain it is.. I'm trying to create something similar to a volume meter on your TV set.


      When you click button a.. a box will appear.

      Like so.. []


      If you keep pressing button a.. more boxes will appear.

      Like so.. [] [] [] [] [] []


      However if you press button b.. the inverse will happen.

      The boxes will disappear one by one until there aren't anymore left.


      So I tried to figure out a way using the get.symbol command and the ++ but just couldn't get them work..

      Wondering if someone could point me in the right direction..


      Oh and if possible I'd like to ease in each "appearance"..


      I uploaded what I have so far here.. maybe it'll better explain what I'm trying to do..



      Thanks for your help!