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    Peculiar behavior with Premiere Pro CS6 Win7 Not playing back clips in the timeline

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      I recently started a new project where I have to edit a webinar recorded from Webex and cut together the files exported from their proprietary transcoder. I usually do this on a Mac running CS6, but the Win7 box I have which also runs CS6 is a much faster machine.

      I typically never had an issue doing this on the Mac but this was the first time I was going to use this new PC. To qualify the Win7 version of CS6, I know it works and have cut other projects on it just fine. It has the latest updates for CS6 and Windows.


      For those that have never worked with an export from Webex, the files come out of their transcoder in WMV- (the Mac doesn't seem to mind) - framerate is 8fps. I can play these clips on their own in VLC with no issue. When I bring them into Premiere on the PC, it starts behaving very strange. Normally, I'd let the sequence keep the settings of the clip so there's no conforming for Premiere to do, but this time I had to create the sequence at a specifc resolution and framerate - again, the Mac never cared. PC... not so much. So, after I created this sequence, I brought the in clips I needed into the project (not using the media browser, just imported). Usually I'd notice Premiere doing something in the lower right corner, but on the PC this time it wasn't doing that. So I would try to play a clip in the preview window, and there'd either be no audio in clip, or the clip wouldn't play at all.

      I'd try to bring a clip into the timeline, and same thing - either no audio, or they wouldn't play at all. I tried quitting the program, restarting the PC, etc.. nothing would help. Again I checked all the clips in VLC, and they all played fine.

      I noticed something else when I brought these clips into the timeline, that the edit points were behaving strangely - normally when you bring the head of a clip to the tail of another, they would snap to the edit points - this would not do that, in fact, the linked video and audio would not retain it's link even though both audio and video were still linked.

      I ended up getting frustrated with the PC and finished the project on the Mac, which is a slower machine.


      I've never seen Premiere behave this way, and have used it for quite some time.


      Any idea what's going on?