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    Displaying data from an XMl in horizontal list

      Ok so here's the skinny:

      I have this flex app that works fine
      <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
      <mx:Application xmlns:mx=" http://www.adobe.com/2006/mxml" layout="absolute" width="100%" viewSourceURL="srcview/index.html">
      <mx:Style source="source.css"/>
      <mx:Image x="15" y="4" source="images/title.jpg" width="210" height="65"/>
      <mx:Image source="images/title1.jpg" id="image1" horizontalAlign="right" verticalAlign="top" top="3" width="784" height="58" x="241"/>
      <mx:XML id="tempXML" source=" http://development.company.net/interface.php?username=user&amp;password=pass&amp;customer= customer&amp;action=showopen&amp;operation=defects&amp;format=xml&amp;critcal=both" />

      <mx:XMLListCollection id="defectXMLList" source="{tempXML.defect}" />
      <mx:DataGrid id="dataGrid" dataProvider="{defectXMLList}" width="1024" rowCount="{defectXMLList.length + 1}" x="0" y="62" borderThickness="2" borderColor="#fda600" themeColor="#fda600" alternatingItemColors="[#fda600, #ffffff]" cornerRadius="0" color="#000000" borderStyle="none" alpha="0.73">

      <mx:DataGridColumn id="assetCol" dataField="asset" headerText="Asset:" />
      <mx:DataGridColumn id="componentCol" dataField="component" headerText="Component:" />
      <mx:DataGridColumn id="conditionCol" dataField="condition" headerText="Condition:" />
      <mx:DataGridColumn id="ffdCol" dataField="ffd" headerText="FFD:" />
      <mx:DataGridColumn id="inspidCol" dataField="inspid" headerText="Inspection ID:" />
      <mx:DataGridColumn id="mileageCol" dataField="mileage" headerText="Mileage:" />


      However they now want to just display the asset and not in a data grid but as a horizontal list and I have tried and tried to look for an effective example of this and how to make it work.
      I have tried Horizontal List, Vertical List, HBox, and VBox but all I want the thing to do for now is to just display data

      any help would be great