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    How to Find All References to a Sub-Process


      I'm working on a LC ES2 project that has a large number of applications and processes.  I'm changing one of the common subprocesses and need to find out all of the processes that call it so I can update them.  Does anybody have any suggestions on how to do this?  Any tools that go through the database and find the references to a specific subprocess?




      Steve Fletcher

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          smfletch Level 1

          I'd like to add to this.  I also would like to be able to search for specific strings in the processes.  An example of this would be an email address that's used as the To Address in the email service.


          Anybody done this with the Adobe WebDAV repository?  I've read that it can be mapped as a drive in XP but I'm on win7 and that doesn't seem to work.  If I could map it I'd just process the folder hierarchy to find all the processes and search for the strings in the process XML.



          Steve Fletcher

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            Hi Steve,


            There is no standard way to do so.

            One way to achieve this is to query the database and check all the parent processes. But this is quite cumbersome.


            So as a quick tweak, you can do below to achieve this:

            The subprocess you have modified might have some variable mappings with parent process. So you can change one of the mapped variable type in subprocess. Then all the process which are calling this subprocess will show validation error in 'Validation Report'. This way you can come to know what all processes are calling that particular sub-process.

            Basically the idea is to find out a common reference; change it so that parent shows error; This way you can get the list of processes.



            Varun Nohria