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    Saved images disconnected in Organizer

    snafu fange

      I have been using Elements 9 for more than a year.  Today it started doing something crazy.  When I edit a photo (did this using "guided edit"), instead of saving the edited version (in a version set), all I get is a grey screen with an hour glass.  When I go to my hard drive, I find both the original and the edited version saved, but it no longer shows up in Organizer.  To my knowledge, I did not change anything.  Any Suggestions?


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          18qwer Level 3

          Try to reconnect those files. Go to File > Reconnect Missing Files. As you know the location already, just browse to that location.

          See if it solves the problem.



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            snafu fange Level 1

            Thanks, but the problem is not that the files are missing (I tried your suggestion, and the program tells me that the files are already there).  The problem is that instead of showing the picture in the organizer, it shows the grey screen with the hour-glass.  When one clicks on  it, the picture appears.  But once one tried to work on five or six pictures in a row, then it becomes a guessing game re: which photo is hiding behind the grey screen.



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              18qwer Level 3

              If you are on Windows platform, goto the location : %programdata%\/Adobe/Elements Organizer/Catalogs and double click the folder whose name is same as your catalog. On MAC the location you go to would be : ~/library\Application Support\Adobe\Elements Organizer\Catalogs

              Now there must be a file with name thumbs.cache. Simply rename it.


              Launch Organizer and see if thumbnailing happens now for your catalog. If not, run the following two commands-

              File >> Manage Catalogs >> Select your catalog >> Optimize

              File >> Manage Catalogs >> Select your catalog >> Repair

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                snafu fange Level 1

                Went through the suggested steps.  It will not repair.  Tells me I have

                a corrupted catalog, and suggests going to a backup.  My problem is that

                I have (or cannot find) a backup.  Does this mean I have to remove the

                program, re install it, and start all over again?



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                  andaleebfatima1 Adobe Employee

                  Did you try catalog repair and optimize?

                  You don't need to reinstall. First try catalog repair and optimize and if that doesn't work, you may create a new catalog for test sake. To do so, click File > Catalogs > New.