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    I couldn´t see imported videos with Adobe Premiere pro

    Oren Tarrio Level 1


      My name is Oren. I´m from Spain, and this is my problem.

      One month ago I bought a Toshiba Satellite 850-31M. It has an x64 processor, 16 GB of RAM and I have 2 hard drives, the c: an SSD of 500 GB and other of 1 Tb hardisk, configured as D:. It has a GeForce GT 630M graphics card with 2 GB of RAM. W8 operating system.

      I wanted to try the Adobe Premiere Pro CS6 and I downloaded the trial version. No problem, until I tried to import a video in the source window. Appears a small window that says "importing" and give to play in the source window and start .Audio be heard, but not the image. I've tried different video formats and always the same. The same video are seamlessly Quick Time and other video viewers ..... I do not know what to do, I think I've tried everything, even restart the computer to its factory settings and install Adobe Premiere vacuum and the problem remains. I tested with a trial of Premiere CS5.5 and got it. You hear the audio but no video . Insert the video in the timeline and recognizes it as such, even the first frame, but said, is not seeing in the "source", nor in the preview, only the audio.

      What could it be? Am I you could lend a hand I'm desperate?

      thank you very much