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    Single frame does not show imagery in workspace but shows in export


      I am curious as to why a single frame in the project I am working on does not show its full imagery content in my PPro CS6 workspace but shows correctly after export.


      My video work is scientific in nature and I capture phenomena that might only exist on  one individual frame of 29.97 fps dv. In my original .dv the image phenomena is there but in the workspace version the frame is not fully there.  Maybe there is some sort of frame to frame blending happening or something?


      Essentially, I need the individual frames in my workspace version to be true to the original .dv.  Is there a setting to keep the workspace frames true to the original?


      Thanks in advance for your reply.


      I made a screen grab of the PPro CS 6  workspce that shows the incomplete frame and I overlaid a screen grab of the exported version which shows the correct image content.




      I hope my question is clear.