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    Transfer of Software license

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      Hello people:
      I have a new computer to which I wish to transfer my current license of Director MX 2004. I have a bunch of xtras that we use in the office a lot. i was wondering what are the pros and cons of transferring a license and is there a chance I loose any of my xtras. How do I transfer the extras to the new computer? I cant really afford to loose anything ( this needs to go as smooth as possible). Any tips you guys can share?

      Thank you
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          Most xtras do not have any knowledge of the activation status of
          DIrector, so copying them to another machine should not be too much
          trouble. You may need to reregister some of them if they store their
          internal registration status in the registry (like PrintOMatic or
          Impressario for example). But it is a simple thing to register it with
          your existing registration code.

          The only one I can think of that may be a problem is OSControls which is
          bound to the serial number that you licensed Director with. The folks
          at OpenSpark are usually good about helping out if you have trouble, but
          I would advise contacting them in advace to get a new registration
          number if needed.