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    Previews are Blurry in Bridge CS6

    Pacific 29 Level 1

      On several occasions I have seen that some images are previewed blurry in Bridge CS6.


      I have set the preview to full resolution/quality, so this is not the issue.



      When it happens, it happens like this:


      1. I have a layered file, and the preview is good and sharp.


      2. Then I sharpen, and the preview is blurry.


      This has occurred numerous times. I thought the preview was corrupted, so I deleted the file, and hauled it back from the trash, so a new preview would be built.


      Again, this new preview would again be blurry. (Out of 20 files, two had a blurry preview - and the files themselves were NOT blurry).


      Flattening such a file does not help. While the flattened file is also sharp in Photoshop, its preview remains blurry. A copied file also has the blurry preview.



      I don't see any correlation with image dimensions, file sizes. Some images just randomely are previewed blurry in Bridge CS6.


      The only correlation I see is that it is ALWAYS SHARPENED IMAGES that are previewed blurry (the unsharpened versions always look much sharper in Bridge CS6)


      What can I do to have Bridge CS6 preview ALL images correctly?



      edit: I purged the cache for this folder, and the rebuilt preview is again blurry.


      Even worse, now 50 out of 100 images have blurry previews.


      How can I get previews that I can work with?

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          Yammer Level 4

          It might be worth updating your graphics card software.  I have seen what you describe on occasion, but it's usually fixed by purging the cache for the selection and/or restarting Bridge.  I haven't seen it for a long time now, which makes me think it's something to do with the way Bridge interacts with hardware/drivers.

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            Pacific 29 Level 1

            I have a latest generation MacBook Pro retina, so that should be fine.


            It actually worked when I purged the cache for this folder a second time. The blur went away.


            The first time I had done a "select all" images to show Bridge which previews I needed rebuilt - not necessary, maybe that was an overload for Bridge.