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    Point light render problem (CS6)

    Vadaar Level 1

      I'm having an odd problem when following along with this tutorial.  I'm putting in a point light, and while it looks great in openGL, when I render it the light totally disappears.  I've reset the location and am positive it's in the right place spatially.  Like I said - it looks good pre-render.  I tried a spot light and that one works fine.  Just not the point light.


      Anyone have any ideas?





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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          What system? What render settings? Screenshots? Also, have you actually checked the position of the light and made sure it's in front? OpenGL may render back lights at specific gracing angles that otherwise wouldn't be visible with proper raytracing...



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            Vadaar Level 1

            Thanks for the quick reply Mylenium.  I'm using a Windows 7 Core i5 system with an AMD 6800 series card.  You put me on the right track.  The light was under the postcard surface and was shining through under openGL but not when raytraced.  Now it doesn't really look all that great before I render, but looks fine afterwards.


            Thanks again!